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Online Tuition Payments


The Family Martial Arts Center is pleased to offer students an option of making tuition payments through our website using the PayPal service.

PayPal is the safe and secure internet payment service that processes thousands of transactions every day for large and small businesses, and is owned by the eBay web auction company. To use this free service, all you need is a valid email address and a credit card.

To make a credit card tuition payment, press the PayPal button below:

      You can also make tuition payments by:

1. Log onto your PayPal account

2. Click on the blue "Send Money" tab near the top of the screen

3. In the "To" window enter

4. In the "Amount" window enter the tuition amount

5. Make a choice in the "Purchase" section, then click "Continue"

6. In the next window review the information for accuracy

7. If the information is correct, click "Send Money"


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